Welcome to our site!

We are a husband & wife team of photographers.From a young age we have both been fascinated in making memories and capturing them on film and of course photo.

Over the years our interest in photography and videography has grown to the point where we are now blessed with state of the art technology for SLR & High-Definition Video and stunningly High-Definition photos.

We love what we do and you can easily see it in our work, we believe that memories are precious and moments pass quickly, so we’ve become expert at preserving them.

This website started long time ago and past visitors will remember this quote:
“This website is owned by a very rich person – so rich, that when he dies he will take nothing with him – but will walk on the streets of gold in Heaven!”

This is truly our vision in life.

Have a blessed day!
Jacques & Esmé Theron

The Shutterbots behind the pics!